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We design and develop websites that help you grow, innovate, and transform

Connect2customer’s dynamic, responsive and user-friendly websites give your organization a strong online presence, attract more visitors and generate more business queries.

A well-designed website is an integral part of any digital communication strategy. Whether you need a website developed for brand identity, sales, charity, spreading information or connecting people, we’ve got you covered.

Connect2customer is a web development company that is experienced in designing intuitive user interfaces and creating stunning visual environments that reflect the nature and function of your business.

Our goal is to offer a rich user experience and an online environment that your visitors can enjoy and keep coming back to. As a dedicated web development company, we work closely with our clients to understand the background, history, values and intended audiences of their business.


To become the most Trusted and Recognized Web development and Web design company.


To offer high-quality web development as well as web design services with honesty, reliability, and transparency with reasonable margins, while maintaining profitability.

Website design Proccess

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All stakeholders (users, customers, management, developers, partners) need to be involved early in the process. Creating a development think tank and talking about everyone’s needs and wants upfront increases the chances of the product being a success.

Shortlisting & Organizing

All the ideas, inputs, features, technologies are on the table. Now all this information is laid out by our consultants in meaningful layers of sketches and flow diagrams to imagine the user’s journey

Testing the Concept

Front-end prototyping. Creating dummies of the application. We leave little to the imagination by creating static screens of the software.

It’s like creating a fake before making the original with limited clicks and functionality. Just enough to obtain feedback and get an idea if the application design is intuitive

Business Feasibility

Here is where we do all the estimation and costing. Once the concept is frozen, we plan the team of developers, designers, architects and testers required to create the app.

It is important to plan this part out, especially for funded ventures. The plan that comes out of this stage is a phased approach to launch and divide the application into releases and version to maximize the returns on investment and to tie in the development goals with the business goal and the funds available. Time to market, features and budget are the usual negotiators of this stage.

(Re)Design & Documentation

It’s time to put the brains behind the bucks. Our architects, data scientists, and business analysts gather the detailed requirements and engineer the product into its specification documentation. The final technology and platform decisions are designed.


This stage involves coding. Everything that is done up till now in the previous stages is to prepare to program. Well-documented specifications make breaking down the work at this stage easy.

Test Runs

We throw user cases, situations, “what ifs” and knives at the application (under adult supervision) until it cries or sings. It’s the only way to figure out if it’s stable.


Depending on whether it’s a new application or a switchover, the pre-implementation involves taking care of all the dependencies and selecting the downtime (if any).


As long as there is an application, there is a wishlist. And as long as there is a wishlist, there is development to be done. Development is improvement. It’s time to grow!